How To Grow Cucamelons – The Coolest And Tastiest Fruit You Will Grow All Year!

One of the most popular ‘designer vegetables’ Cucamelons are easy to grow!

Most people have never heard of a cucamelon…and most people are missing out on a super awesome, tasty little fruit! Learn a bit about the neat fruit below…and how to grow cucamelons!

Also referred to as “Mexican sour gherkin,” or its most common name in Spanish, “sandiita” (little watermelon). It actually has a slew of other monikers in local dialects and Native American languages, most of which translate to “mouse melon.”

The Cucamelon looks like a cute little watermelon, yet it tastes like a cucumber and lime had a baby!

The sour fruit grows on a thin vine and is surrounded by ivy-like leaves. They may be strange looking, but cucamelons aren’t some strange genetically-modified hybrid, they are actually a delicacy from Central America that has been eaten for centuries!

You can grow cucamelons right in your own garden and here is how! They are actually one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden as pests and insects tend to shy away from them.