Surprising Uses for Tea Bags

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Did you know that tea is the second most popular beverage in the world (the first being water)? That means that tea bags are probably the most trashed item found in kitchen bins around the world! How about you make them work a little more before they go into the bin? Yes, we’re talking about some surprisingly useful ways of reusing tea bags.

Heal & Cure

Tea has antibacterial qualities as well as detoxing elements that can be used to heal, cure and rejuvenate your body in several ways.

Enrich Your Bath

Seep some tea bags in warm bathing water to enjoy the antioxidants in tea leaves. Tea-enriched water is nourishing, moisturizing and calming as well as fragrant and therapeutic for your skin.

Soften Your Feet

Dip some used tea bags in warm water and soak your feet in it. This will not only clean and nourish your feet but also remove any foul odors. Do it daily for about 20 minutes to get perfectly soft and pleasant smelling feet.


Rejuvenate Your Face

Tea bags can be used for homemade facial too! Just brew some warm water with used tea bags and hydrate your face by holding it over the steam from the weak tea.

Get Shining Hair

Tea is a natural conditioner. Soak your hair in tea-brewed water for a few minutes before taking a shower and it will make your hair smooth, shiny and bouncy.

Remove Under-Eye Circles

Collect used tea bags and leave them to cool in the refrigerator. Before you go to sleep, place the cold tea bags on your eyes and leave them for some time. Feel your eyes relax and the puffiness subside within minutes!

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Eliminate Infections

Place pre-brewed tea bags on sores, blisters or warts to remove the infections and help them heal faster. The tea soothes the blisters and shrinks warts because of its antioxidant quality. In the case of blisters, cover the affected area with the moist tea bag overnight. If you get warts, place a cool, moist tea bag over the wart and bandage it in place. Remove it after 20 minutes and repeat the process. In a few days, the wart will fall off, painlessly.

Treat Cuts and Burns

Put a moist tea bag immediately on a cut to soothe the sting and stop it from bleeding. In the case of a burn, do the same to reduce the pain and redness and help it heal faster.

Ease Injection Pain

Scared of syringes? Fear no more! The next time you need to get an injection, try placing a wet tea bag over the prick and hold it for a couple of minutes. Tea contains tannic acid that helps soothe the pain.

Treat Bug Bites

Bug bites may cause itching and rashes if not treated immediately. To reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain, place a cool tea bag over the bug bite and let it stay for a while.

Soothe Poison Ivy Rash

In case you’ve come into contact with poison ivy, you can heal the rash with some tea too! Just dab the affected area with a soft cloth or cotton ball that has been dipped in strongly brewed tea.

Relieve Toothache

Take a pre-brewed tea bag and warm it up. Then pull out the leaves and roll them in a piece of cloth. Hold it against the jaw area that’s paining to relieve the toothache. You can also use the same procedure to reduce a swollen lip.

Reduce Sunburn

Collect used tea bags and chill them in the freezer. Place the chilled bags on the affected area to reduce the effect of the sunburn. You may also add the pre-brewed tea bags to cold bathwater and soak yourself in it.

Clean Better

Rugs and Floor-Mats

To clean the rugs, just use pre-brewed tea to wash them. You can also use the tea bags to remove foul odor from them. Take wet tea bags, open them and spread the leaves over the rug. Leave them to dry and then vacuum. You’ll get fresh smelling rugs and floor mats.

House Pests

Interestingly mice hate the smell of tea as much as we like it! Works perfectly when you want to chase them away from your house without spraying any foul smelling repellents. Hide used tea bags behind cupboards and in kitchen corners, especially around windows and places from where these pests can enter. This will also prevent other repulsive creatures like spiders, lizards and ants from entering your house!

Dishes and Cookware

Unable to get rid of grease? Leave the utensils soaked in tea bag infused warm water for a couple of hours before putting them in the dishwasher or washing them by hand. This trick also works in the case of sticky cheese and other stubborn stains. Tea can also help you keep your cookware rust-free. Rub their surfaces with damp bags of black tea and prevent them from the effects of oxidation.

Glass and Mirrors

Use brewed tea on your mirrors and glass and make them sparkle and shine as new! Dip a cleaning cloth in cold tea and wipe the surfaces. Dry them with newspapers to remove any fiber or particles.


Furniture and Floor

Use dishcloth damped in tea water to wipe your wooden tables and other furniture surfaces and watch its original shine return. Any grease or sticky dirt that might be clinging on to your favorite furniture will be wiped clean. You can use the same procedure for any grease stains on your floor.

Leather Shoes

Wipe a damp tea bag on your leather shoes gently to clean them and make them shine.



Put some wet leaves of a damp tea bag in the ashtray to prevent the ash from rising and floating around. It will also cover any smoky smell that may be there in the room.


Get rid of stubborn smells of garlic, onion or fish by washing your hands with cold weak tea from pre-brewed tea bags. It will also leave your hands soft and nourished.

Remove Odors


Tea bags can help you remove odors from every corner of your kitchen. Put some dried leaves from used tea bags in your trash bin to neutralize bad odors. Rub damp leaves on kitchen surfaces, chopping boards and counters to remove food odors. Leave them inside the fridge to get rid of the odors inside your refrigerator.

Air Freshener

Dip a used tea bag in a nice essential oil and hang it in a corner. As the aroma of tea escapes the bag with the volatile oil, the air will be filled with a soothing fragrance. You can also use it as a car freshener.


Cupboards and drawers, especially in a damp environment often start smelling if not opened regularly. Leave a few dried tea bags or tea leaves in the corners and let the aroma of the tea work its magic.

Bad Breaths

Brew the tea leaves twice and then leave the tea to cool. Use it to rinse your mouth every day to get rid of bad breath. You may choose to use a flavor like mint or jasmine to add a nice flavor to the mouthwash.

Cat Litter

Add dried tea leaves in the used tea bags and leave them in the litter box to neutralize the bad odor of litter. The tea leaves also help curb infections as it has antibacterial qualities.

Cook Better

Tea bags can be reused to flavor pasta, grains and meat. Re-brew the tea bags and add the weak tea to your rice or pasta. You can also marinate your meat or poultry to add a distinct flavor to it. It adds to the taste while tenderizing the meat with its tannin content. You can also cook the meat in the re-brewed tea.


Treat Your Garden

Tea helps to protect your plants from fungus and other diseases. Brew tea in a large pot using old tea bags and then use it to water your garden. You can also sprinkle the used tea leaves in the soil, which acts as an excellent fertilizer. Alternatively, you can mix the contents of the tea bags in the compost to get acid-rich compost, which is very nourishing for your plants.


Unusual yet very effective, these are just a few of the numerous uses of used tea bags. Get a little creative and you can use them as candles by dipping dried tea bags in melted wax and then leaving them to harden. You can even make it into a natural dye by using re-brewed tea as watercolor on paper or Easter eggs! The possibilities are endless. Once you realize the herbal and cosmetic qualities of tea, there is no stopping at the surprising ways in which a brewed tea bag can be reused!